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Hey guys, I'd love to hear what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on a daily basis, in order to stay Bulletproof! I like to have all my food planned out by the week, if not the month, but I really struggle to get the right balance between spending too much time and money on food and meal prep, and going the other way and just eating the same things because I'm tired of always cooking!

So I'd love to know what exactly you eat, simply, for the three meals a day. In addition, it would be great to hear your hacks - when you add collagen / gelatin / protein, what you might drink / eat for a good night's sleep?

Thanks in advance!


  • I'm new to this forum but have been following bulletproof since before he came out with coffee!

    I haven't subscribed to all the bulletproof dictum due to the fact I can't really afford all of it. I also live with someone who will not throw out old things including nuts etc. Under these constraints I can say that:

    I drink chicory "coffee" before I go to sleep. I would probably also incorporate Ayurvedic seeds like fennel, cumin, coriander.

    I used to get dried lavender, chamomile, and rooibos in bulk from a company called Davidson's tea, I believe, from Amazon. I would still get that if I wasn't in my current situation. Or I would get that and/or rose hips, marshmallow root from Mountain rose herbs. This helps me sleep.

    What helped me most in terms of sleep was Dave's light hacking videos and articles. It's a bit frustrating because he doesn't say exactly what lights are OK and what aren't or at least a spectrum, no pun intended, on what is less good or bad.

    Those videos you can find on his YouTube or bulletproof radio.

    The collagen I would do peptides, on an empty stomach, with vitamin C. I think dave says calcium ascorbate although I haven't kept up on that. I try to take vitamin C in food but he advocates supplementing. Plus there's a lot of fruit sugar in how I get vitamin C. I haven't weaned off of sugar so I get my kicks through a few pieces of fruit right now.

    Or not to be a total follower: I get the bulletproof collagen bars. My local health food store has been promoting bulletproof so I'm lucky to have access to these. If I had the resources I would eat these as meals and dessert because they are delicious. I'm not sure if it's bulletproof to do that though ;-)

    Not sure about best time for amino acid absorption but Dave advocates "taking C" at night–vit C. This is better on an empty dtomach as well.

    So maybe collagen powder mixed with chicory is an option.

    I'm doing bone broth since I am in a Korean household. Apparently people should use broth with collagen powder because not much collagen is in broth. Don't tell my mum!

    Lastly, as per Dave's light hacking video, vitamin D through noon sunlight is pretty unavoidable. As someone who was lucky to see daylight for days on end, I had to force myself to get noonlight. This helps the vitamin C and collagen absorption and everything in general. I would start with the circadian stuff and trying nutrients on an empty stomach. Except for the fat soluble ones.

    Speaking of noonlight...better get some now! EST time at least.

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