surgery for reversing gray hairs back to black hairs

recently i began searching about ways to reverse gray hair(I posted a thread about using potential medicines for this in this forum) and I found out that there is actually a surgical way of transplanting new melanocytes(the cells that produce the pigment in the hair and is in smaller amount or not at all in gray hair) into gray hair follicles and turning them back to black hairs. its usually used to restore the damage caused by vitiligo(a disease that destroy melanocytes) in the skin and there was some successeful attempts of using the procedure on hair that turned gray due to vitiligo destroying the melanocytes in the hair follicles: and i also managed to find a doctor who dose melanocyte transplantation in vitiligo patients that also done one treatment for gray hair and he said that he can do an experiment on "natural" gray hair and it will cost just like the regular treatment which is 572$. he said that it doesn't always work and some hairs will get new melanocytes and some will not(it can be seen in the article where it worked only on few hairs in some woman) and that why i wouldn't try it myself just yet cause i only have one white hair on the head and few more on my facial hair but i wouldn't do this procedure on my face cause it might cause pigmentation stains on my face.
here is an article the doctor sent me about his treatment for gray hair:
his email is "[email protected]" so if someone want to do an experiment he should just contact him.

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