Headache, Intermittent fasting

Hi there. I'm on day 3...have a persistent headache and some extra bodyaches (I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) and am wondering if this is common for the first week; also wondering if the intermittent fasting is a daily practice. I understand the protein fast is once a week but want to be sure I'm doing this correctly. Many thanks.


  • When i usually start a ketogenic diet i feel fatigue and real annoying headaches for about 2-3 weeks.
    This is becuse of the body trying to get used to use ketones instead of glucose, and is called Keto-sickness.
    Happens to everyone who try to switch from glucose to ketones.
    My tip is to try to stay strong and trust the diet. It gets better usually after week 2.

    I should say yes to the question if intermittent fasting is a daily practice.
    David talks about how its good to break it one day a week with some breakfast (and bulletproof coffee).

    Hope this helps.

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