Headache, Intermittent fasting

Hi there. I'm on day 3...have a persistent headache and some extra bodyaches (I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) and am wondering if this is common for the first week; also wondering if the intermittent fasting is a daily practice. I understand the protein fast is once a week but want to be sure I'm doing this correctly. Many thanks.


  • When i usually start a ketogenic diet i feel fatigue and real annoying headaches for about 2-3 weeks.
    This is becuse of the body trying to get used to use ketones instead of glucose, and is called Keto-sickness.
    Happens to everyone who try to switch from glucose to ketones.
    My tip is to try to stay strong and trust the diet. It gets better usually after week 2.

    I should say yes to the question if intermittent fasting is a daily practice.
    David talks about how its good to break it one day a week with some breakfast (and bulletproof coffee).

    Hope this helps.

  • I find if i drink more caffeine (a few more bullet proof coffees) the extra caffeine is helping enough to ward off my migraines during this time of transition. Definitely want to cut back on my caffeine intake at some point once the headaches subside. I live in calgary and have always had chronic migraines im assuming due to diet and fluctuating weather patterns. Hard to know if its just normal headaches or due to the transition but my default for headaches is always caffeine. I would take magnesium now but i read its best taken at night and with food. B2 also best absorbed with food so waiting until I eat to take those. Good luck!

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