Help: My friend has no large intestine

My friend suffers from Chrons disease, so badly that she had to remove her large intestine from her body.
She still suffers alot from infection in her body and i want to help her.
I know from beeing on the bulletproof diet for two years that it has alot of anti-inflamation properties.
But i dont know what i can recommend to someone who has big trouble with digesting their food.
She says she has big problems with eating and digesting large portions of vegetables, like kale that is hard for the body to break down.
And she says that she doesnt have trouble eating meat.

1. What easily digested vegetables should i recommend?
2. What suppliments should help with her digestion (enzymes etc.)?
3. Are there any recommended cooking methods, like hardboiling vegetables? (to make them easier to digest)

Anything that helps is welcomed.
I want my friend to get better.


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