Could MCT Oil be worsening food sensitivities?

I have severe CFS and have been on a restrictive keto diet for the past two years. I was typically able to eat within a relatively normal keto range, i.e. meat, fish, chicken, nuts, spinach etc.

However, several months ago I began to develop perplexing reactions to certain foods: increased fatigue, thirst, depression, dry mouth, breathing problems etc. I had no idea what was going on, but noticed it would always occur the day after I had an avocado smoothie before bed. As soon as I stopped, the symptoms went away. Someone on a message board said it might be salicylate sensitivity. I've noticed that I've been growing increasingly sensitive to foods, and have recently also had to cut out nuts, honey, oils etc. I tried reintroducing olive oil (which is high in salicylates) a few days ago and was struck by the same terrible symptoms.

It's possible this may just be accompanying a general decline in my condition. However, the only change I've made over the past few months has been the regular consumption of MCT oil. I have two cups of coffee a day .. the first with a small amount of coconut oil, and the second with MCT oil. I stuck with MCT because it has a pronounced effect on my mood/cognition that I don't get from coconut oil. However, after googling, I came across this:

Is it possible MCT oil could be worsening my food intolerances? I've been severe for a while but these food sensitivities seemingly came out of nowhere. I'd be remiss to cut it out because of the effects on mood, but will have to experiment. Has anyone else with immune problems noticed an issue with MCT oil?


  • Oh if it makes a difference, the MCT oil I use is made by Melrose. I've been reading some reviews and some people say may be problematic, so maybe that's a factor.

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