How to Purify Water ?


  • Boiling. This is a reliable way to purify water

  • There are many different ways to purify water and the most suitable method to use depends on what kind of contaminants are present and the type of water that is being purified. It may also depend on the time and equipment that you have available. Here’s are few proven water purification methods

  • I studied "water usage and water management" at the college and water purification was taught to us very often. The easiest way to kill the most of the bacteria is heating water too 100C ( an ordinary teapot boiling). If there are some particles in water filtration is the first thing you need to. Also, ultraviolet irradiation technology is a common or even a "must be" phase on any water station. But the 101% purification can be achieved only by ion exchanger installation. The only problem is the price. and It won't last too long (2-3 years, depends on the model). My mother has some kidney problems so me and my dad had to immediately install it. Even had to take a little loan at but money means nothing when it comes to the family.

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