Can someone please help me?? Medical mystery weird symptoms no period

ok. i have been really struggling with these symptoms that have accumulated. i went to the doctor and they always tell me my blood test and hormone levels are "normal." I have been told to eat more carbs which i do now, a lot more. I'm never in ketosis. i even have carbs at breakfast.

I have been paleo/ bp since i was 18, and I'm 21 now. these are my symptoms i have been dealing with as of the last year:

more acne, on checks esp. getting scars and large pores because it has become cystic
no menstrual cycle for a bit over a year now :( --- most concerning
low weight-- 108 and 5'6 (i have increased carbs by a lot -- i don't fast any more and have carbs through the day and still no period, was getting my period last year with far fewer carbs)
very susceptible to getting food poisoning and common cold or flu
mucus in stool frequently, not constipated though.
always, always have to urinate. even in middle of the night multiple times. can fall back asleep but it disrupts sleep. but i do take a lot of vitamin c
i eat a good amount. i have breakfast too. sometimes i feel like I'm not absorbing my nutrients or digesting my fats well. i eat a lot of ghee and butter and dark chocolate that has stevia and eyritol as a sweetener i have about 135 g a day of this. it seems like saturated fat gives me acne. i don't know if this is true. i have started to take digestive enzymes, but i don't see a difference yet.
i am also a bit moody
the carbs i eat are- plantains, sweet potatoes, white rice and chestnuts

i do exercise- 30 min of cardio a day (swimming or jogging) and light weights, i walk a lot too. or i play tennis and hike.

i have always exercised a lot because i was an athlete on multiple types of teams at once growing up.

i know something must be up w my hormones. I'm guessing i have little estrogen and more testosterone. i don't know what to do because in high school, eating "junk"- a lot of sugar from fruit smoothies, grains, beans, small amounts of meats that were low quality, but exercising twice the amount i do now, i weighed more and got my period.

something just isn't right. if you have any suggestions or insights, please please share.


  • Look into mold in your environment. Many of the symptoms that you describe can be caused by mold. Sudden cessation of periods, frequent colds and flu, having to urinate a lot at night. The night time urination is caused by an imbalance in your Aldosterone hormone. Also many people with mold either seem to have excessive weight or are very underweight.

  • Mucus in the stool to me says you’re eating something your body doesn’t like. Keep a food diary and notice when it occurs, but that will be throwing your body out of sync. If you can find a good kinesiologist to test your food allergies that would be really beneficial for you I think. Don’t stick to a diet you read online, listen to your body and cut out the things it doesn’t like. I do Keto but there are many random items I can’t eat that most ketoers can.

    For the acne, a supplement I take is hair and nails by higher nature. It’s really helped my skin, I think it could be down to the vitamin C.

    And start experimenting with some probiotics. Your gut flora sounds imbalanced. And I’d take some magnesium as most people (particularly young women) are deficient in it. I’m a 25 year old female and I definitely notice the difference when I don’t. Best of luck

  • If it's hair that bothers you, you should take a look at KW Messy Hair if you want to bring your hair back in shape again. Also, if this will go on and problem will become worse , you should definitely see a doctor - it will help you to figure out what exactly is going on and why it just feels so bad.

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