Building an app to make health, performance and lifespan hacking radically easier

Dear All,

In a nutshell, we want to help people maximize their health and performance (both how much they can achieve, and how easy it is to achieve it). Given this forum houses a lot of lifespan and healthspan extension enthusiasts, we wanted to tap into the community's thinking to inform our approach so that whatever we build is as helpful for the users as possible.

Our idea rests on three key assumptions:
1. Demand exists - many people want to live longer, healthier and transcend the limitations of their biology
2. Supply exists - many interventions scientifically proven to improve lifespan and healthspan exist
3. Demand and supply do not meet properly due to significant friction created by two user pain points:
a. Decision making: choosing the right interventions is hard and requires a lot of research or a background in the subject. Either one has to spend 100s and 1000s of hours going through all the science of pay a lot of money to true experts (of which there are few and far between)
b. Execution: sticking to interventions and routines requires motivation and willpower which most humans tend to lack

To help users overcome these two pain points, we want to give them a tool that:
1. Solves the pain point of decision making by taking their inputs (steps, BP, heart rate, bloodwork, 23andMe data, sleep, exercise etc.) and providing them simple, concise and comprehensive personalized recommendations on lifestyle, diet, supplements, exercise and other interventions. This would be done by an algorithm using the latest science to derive implications of their inputs.
2. Alleviates the pain point of putting it into action through gamification (including estimating the healthspan / lifespan benefit they can and are achieving, badges for sticking to interventions etc.), reminders etc.
This tool is an iPhone app doing both #1 and #2.

As we are in early stages of development, what would be most helpful for us is:
1. If you could see yourself using something like this - or you think there is a better way to do this - we would love to get 15-30 min of your time for an interview to inform our approach. Interviewees will get priority for invites to our beta test!
2. If you have seen similar (or not so similar) solutions to the same problem, will be great if you can share the examples, whether you are using them, and what works and doesn't work about these solutions

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S.: Apologies if I posted this in the wrong section - in which case please move to the right one.


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