Non-surgical hernia repair

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I seem to be susceptible to hernias which really sucks, having been diagnosed with an umbilical hernia age 20 (which I left alone, it's fairly small and hasn't really bothered me since) and now at 31 I most likely have an inguinal hernia (having an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm).

I think the first hernia was brought on by sit-ups in an aerobics class I was doing at the time once a week, and the second has most likely been brought on by my resistance training which I do twice a week, under supervision and guidance of a highly qualified personal trainer.

Needless to say I'd like to avoid surgery if possible. I've heard bad things about the more modern mesh surgery which has been leading to a lot of chronic pain and complications in people. There must be a way to help repair them, and if not completely heal them at least significantly improve them.

Doing a bit of digging around I found some research that indicated if you are genetically predisposed, your gene mutations could be degrading the collagen and elastin in your connective tissue, leading to weaknesses.

Anyone have any experience with hernias, info or thoughts on what could work? Willing to try pretty much anything to avoid surgery! Infra-red, cryotherapy, stem cell therapy, supplements... Surely this can be hacked :smiley:


  • Just had confirmation of bilateral inguinal hernias, so I now have three hernias... yippee.

    I've ordered a Joovv, if red light therapy and near infrared can help heal muscle/tissue and reduce inflammation I don't see how it wouldn't be helpful.

    Want to carry on weightlifting, cautiously of course. Also, as a woman I have to be aware of the fact that I'm likely to be trying for a baby within the next few years, I get the impression it may be pointless getting them fixed prior to pregnancy anyway but there's not a huge amount of information out there particularly for woman.

    Would be seriously grateful for any advice!

  • Hernias don't get better over time. You will probably need a surgery. Don't get a mesh surgery. Look into desarda hernia repair technique.

  • Keeping an eye on this thread myself as I was going to start my own regarding hernias. Not sure if what I have going is the start of one or not.
    Whats your pain level? My whole life I've been under the impression a hernia was something that just popped out from your gut when something too heavy was lifted (or lifted the wrong way) and your just doubled over in pain needing immediate surgery.

    I recently noticed , I don't think swelling is the right word but, more thickness on the left side of my lower groin. No pain really which is what's thrown me off. But it's like things have corded or banded up a bit by the feel of it. I had one day that really freaked me out where I had something that felt about the size of a sausage poking out a bit when I exerted any pressure.

    RE mesh surgery...lawyers are getting big bucks anymore with hernia mesh lawsuits, that should be red flag enough.

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