Hacking PMS symptoms

I've been eating LCHF, 100% organic and clean for about 2 years now. Together with some supplements (see below) I have been able to eradicate heavy and very painful periods altogether, which is great because I don't need any sick leave days anymore each month and I feel great during my period. However, I am still experiencing quite some PMS symptoms during about 1.5 week before my period every month. The most pronounced symptoms I experience every month are very very heavy bloating, like it really seems as if I am pregnant or something. I also experience breast tenderness, continuous tiredness, some sleep loss and irritability. There must be something I can do to alleviate these symptoms too. I have read a lot about it and it is probably too low progesterone and/or too high estrogen during this period which cause the symptoms. I've had some success taking vitamin B6 during my PMS days leading to less irritability, breast tenderness and somewhat less bloating, but it doesn't solve the symptoms fully. I've also been taking calcium-D-glucarate before without B6, but that didn't do anything.
Any advice on what else I could take to further reduce these symptoms, I have been thinking about giving DIM a try, maybe someone has good experiences with this? DIM, however, does not increase progesterone, and I have the feeling that that may be the problem. Any ideas on other foods / supplements / herbs that may be helpful?

The supplements I already take:

vitamin D - 2000 IU daily on days i'm not out in the sun and in autumn/winter
vitamin K2 - 2000 mcg a day and natto for K2 MK7
Iodine (not daily) - I would say about 800 mcg twice a week (if I take more my metabolism speeds quickly, it makes me loose too much weight)
krill oil - 1000 mg every other day
Magnesium - 300 mg a day (citrate, malate, glycinate mix)

Extra during PMS days: vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 20 mg & Calcium-D-glucarate 500 mg


  • Have you read the article on cycle syncing? I found it quite useful as had never thought about eating differently to support each phase of your cycle https://blog.bulletproof.com/cycle-syncing/. Also this article could be helpful about hormone imbalance https://chriskresser.com/what-causes-hormone-imbalance/

    May be worth going to see a functional practitioner who can help you work it out, get your hormone panel done, that's what I'm doing as I find it so complex figuring it out on my own! :smile:

  • I’d recommend upping your magnesium and watching your stress levels. I’ve found great relief from PMS with accupuncture, it could be worth a session a month half way through your cycle for immediate relief.

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