Unsolvable GERD / Esophagitus

I starting having GERD , following a stressful period in my life. Lots of belching air, pressure, pain in the esophagus. NOw I've been down this train before, (solved my gerd in 2014 with H2RA's and low-carb/bulletproof) but this time its a total different animal. h.pylori has been tested & ruled out

Im refluxing pepsin according to a test I did, which means that PPIs are of limited effectiveness for me, and the only thing that helps a little is gaviscon with hits physical barrier properties. Ultimately, the "mechanism" that causes my symptoms is all that pressure in my upper stomach that pushes liquid up. I dont think its so much a weak LES as a huge pressure in my stomach.

I've tried many things over the last 4-5 months to fix this, nothing has really made a dent. 24/7 problem worse shortly after getting up in the morning.

The problem with dietary interventions is that my esophagus is already banged up so my patience to wait for a diet to work is very low - any small mistake and it hurts 2x as bad as a normal person reacting to food.

Things I've tried

Several PPIs (marginal effect)
H2RA (almost no effect)
Gaviscon (some effect)

bunch of suppliments
zinc carnosine , DGL, etc.

My next plan is to try a cabbage juice cleanse of some kind. I'm going crazy trying all kinds of random remedies that might be helping a bit but since we are not solving the root cause its not getting very far. I'm also planning on cutting all gluten and dairy (except butter/ghee).

Could I have weakened my stomach's protective layer by having bulletproof decaf + Vitamin D + for 5 months?


  • weak mucosal layer makes me impatient waiting for therapies to work
  • most Rx has been tried
  • root cause of bloating needs to be addressed
  • Kratom numbs the pain a bit but probably makes the problem worse

I dont have any pooping problems so I don't really buy the gut microbiome thing. Or at least, this is another therapy that takes too long to figure out and cannot be my primary mode of attack

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