Oxiracetam questions / racetam beginner

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Hello, i have purchased some Oxiracetam off of Ebay. It came in a Nootropicsdepot packaging. The powder looks crystalline like sugar and also tastes sweet. Is this real Oxiracetam?

I would like to know what kind of dosage i should start with. I was thinking to start with a single dose of 500mg along with 500mg of choline bitartrate and slowly work my way up. Is that dose even effective? Should i start higher?

From what i have read online, people take anything ranging from 400mg-3grams , multiple times or single doses. Some take it without a choline source, others use Alpha-Gpc, cdp-choline or just choline bitartrate. What would you recommend? Does anyone here have experience with Oxiracetam?

I am planning on taking it mostly for exams and intense study days. So approximately 2-3 days a week.

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