Don't want to wear dentures for rest of my life

I am a 60-year-old woman with some serious dental issues living in Mississauga. My family basically has a history of strong and healthy teeth, but recently I have observed that my gums are extremely swollen and red. It often bleeds excessively when I brush or floss. Also, it pains a lot when I am eating. At times, I get this weird feeling that my teeth are about to fall off, especially when I am chewing. I know I am getting older with each passing day, but I don't want to end up wearing dentures for the rest of my life. When I told my kids about this, they suggested that I see a general dentistry service in Mississauga itself. I hope I am making the right decision.
If anyone has any similar experience or any genuine information regarding this, do help me out. Do share your views so that I can make the right decision.


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