Addressing Cognitive Weaknesses with brain training?

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I'm wondering what the brain training protocol would be for addressing specific cognitive weaknesses?

Neuroscientists have identified eight specific executive functions...
1. Workspace Focus
2. Updating & Workflow
3. Attention Shifting
4. Workspace Erasing
5. Inhibition & Self-Control
6. Workflow Output
7. Set Switching
8. Mindware Strategies

Let's say a person knows that they have a real problem with Attention Shifting - switching from focusing and working on one thing to something else...

Is there a specific brain training protocol they could use to address this? I'm imagining that it would be something like...
Write down your cognitive weakness. Write down examples of them...
2. Write down work tasks in which your weaknesses manifest.
3. Do brain training just prior to something that's going to challenge your cognitive weaknesses.
4. Do the challenging tasks
5. Write a journal about doing the challenging tasks
6. Followed immediately by a meditation session

Also, are you aware of any surveys that people could do to credibly identify their cognitive weakness? Obviously there a ton of pop psychology surveys out there but I'm wondering if there's anything you think is really legit for professional development.

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