My immediate Goals: normalise my sugar & increase mental + physical energy x 10.

Greetings. Hope this message finds you well, healthy and strong too. For a long while, I have been on a mission to restore life back to me from the clutches of type2 diabetes. I wish I knew Dave Asprey at the start my journey/battles/challenges. But, there you are...

In short, having tried everything that anyone suggested including having embryonic stemcell injections/infusions, the answer was in lifestyle upgrade and only that. . Removing refined carbs from my diet and replacing them with green/leafy complex ones and adding exercise to my weekly routine enables me to get off my diabetes medication. As a direct result, I felt better, eyesight improved, brain fog went away, energy levels went up many folds and I was able to make better business decisions.

I wish to normalise my sugar.... Now, depending on which part of world you are in.. Different methods used for measuring ones sugar.. 4 to 6 is normal. Mine teeters between 10 and 15. That range is without any medical intervention. I like to bring it down to the normal range of 4 - 6.

Do you have any suggestions for me please?

My diet... Typically. Stir fried mince meat with broccoli, sometimes cabbage and brussel sprouts on a bed of green salad.

I don't eat fruit except for an apple occasionally nor do I crave any sweet/pudding.

Note. When I made the transition from the carbs loaded diet to a diet containing green vegetables. I went cold turkey but that was back in 2012.

Am I taking vitamin supplements?


I think I went over the top. I've had vitamin C infusions to address my energy vacuums. Plus I have been taking vitamin D3 x 10000 IU daily.

In the recent months however, I added vitamin K2 as well as magnisium to my vitamins intake.

I went too far.... 50K IU of vitamin. D3 & 500mg of K2...

For a week or so, i upped my dose of vitamin D3 to 100k and for every 10k of D3 I took 100mg of K2.

In a recent test of my vitamin. My D3 level was 326... much much above the upper 200 limit. So, I am taking a break. My bones feel achey I must admit but the pain is easing now that I am off D3 for 3 weeks. Otherwise, I feel good.

What else do I do..?

I fast every other day till 5pm. I do have 3 egg yokes in warm milk with ghee in the morning. As a result, my stomach is flattening as it were. And, so I might achieve my goal of developing a six pack finally.

Please advise.. How and what I should or need to do to normalise my sugar without medication? Plus, I want 1000 folds more physical and mental energy.

How can I achieve all my goals please..?

Note... My bulletproof coffee and the brain octaine oil is in the pipeline to be delivered. I am so looking forward to adding this proven method to my routine..

Thank you in advance. May God Bless.

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