Rapid Fat Loss Protoc0l Bcaa Mistake?

Hi ALL !
Backstory: I am attempting the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. I started at 5'10, 220. After 6 days of the diet I dropped to 203. After the refeed I gained back to 208, pretty normal so far I think. Now, 5 days after the refeed I have only lost to 204. The difference in the week before and the week after the refeed is that in the week before I did not take BCAA supplements.

The Point: I vaguely recall reading research a while back that talked about Amino Acid (including BCAA) supplements causing insulin RESISTANCE, most especially in high fat diets. With advice stating that the best way to ge your Amino Acids is through natural means, the best being a high quality whey protein. So my question is; are taking BCAA supplements sabotaging the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol? Or, is not taking BCAA supplements leaving me at high risk of losing muscle while on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?


  • I lost almost 30 lbs in 28 days a year ago - I was always disappointed with the 3-4 lbs gained on the eat day. I have now started this protocol again but I am not really concerned about setting my leptin with carbs on day 5 or 6. I will eat but only 73-27 high fat hamburger and see how it goes.. (I only used some himalayan salt, magnesium and potassium supplement.)

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