5 table spoons of Brain Octane Oil in my Smoothie once a day - Unbelievable!

Just wondering if anyone else does this or does this amount. I do it daily after a 12-16 hour fast, usually around 11am. I get a minor (learned to like it) stomach burn, then about 10 minutes into it, start to get a rush of energy and clarity that I haven't felt anyway else before. It lasts for 5 hours +. I only eat Organixx green powder mix and Kettle&Fire bone broth up until a "regular" dinner. I fall off the wagon at least once a week and have a pizza.. just fast it off, then do the 5 table spoon smoothie and I'm right back in.

I'm generally in a low carb/keto state, but do blend in foods that aren't keto, ie spaghetti, pizza, potatoes, etc. a couple times a week for dinner.

I feel great, and have been doing this for about 5 months, generally taking a few days off here and there, but pretty consistent. I think I'm on the upper end of the bell curve, but I'd highly recommend everyone work up to this amount, it took me about 1 week.

Let me know your thoughts.


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