How can we prevent dental infections?

Last few days, I had a terrible toothache and, I couldn't eat, drink or sleep properly. The pain started on Sunday if I remember it correctly. I was partying out with my friends and, the pain began while I was drinking some sparkling water. At last, I had to go to a dental care here in Brampton to get the problem teeth removed.
There was some sort of infection that affected the pulp of the teeth it seems. At least that's what the dentist said. I am not a biology major or medical student. I don't know anything technical about teeth or infection. But now, I like to know how can we stay away from such a scenario where we are ready to die because of the pain in our mouth.
How can we prevent these dental infections? How can we ensure our dental health? Do mouthwashes really help? The doctor also said genetics plays a role when it comes to dental health. Is it true?



  • Mouthwashes help up to a extend. Idk about the genetics part. But I know immunity is genetics.
    have a dental checkups every 6 months. This can help alot. Get the signs early.

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