did keto diet "cured" my lactose intolerance?

Hi, I've been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember, I could sometimes handle a bit of goat's cheese but cream cheese and heavy cream would give me very unpleasant symptoms such as: immediate heartburn, killer pain in intestines and loose stools.
I've done the" food intolerance" blood test and it came up as highly reactive to dairy.

NOTE: I have been gluten free for years and my diet was "quite healthy" already and included: lots of veggies and protein, fruits, almond milk and generous amounts of olive oil. I never ate processed foods (other than a few slices of gluten free bread from time to time) never ate candy nor sweetened sodas or packaged juices.

I started keto induction **(<20gr of carbohydrates daily) and the **LACTOSE INTOLERANCE WENT AWAY from day one:

day 1: ate goat's cheese (as much as I wanted) and a bit of heavy cream with no "intolerance" symptoms.
day 2: same as day 1.. again nothing!
day 3: went crazy and added cow's cheeses (soft and hard, pasteurised and not pasteurised) and ate a lot of it: NO symptoms
day 4: push it further, I ate cream cheese.... NO symptoms at all
day 5: heavy cream, on everything + cheeses of all kinds... no symptoms!!.. is this real?

it went on like this for almost 2 weeks.

I found out that some other keto dieters have experienced the same phenomenon.

**What could explain this ? were carbs triggering the intolerance? could carb digesting enzymes block the lactase/whey digestive enzymes? how come I don't get heartburn immediately after consuming the cream/cheese so how come I have no reactions at the oesophagus ?
I suppose I'm still reactive to dairy at a blood level so I've decided to cut dairy out of the diet to see If I feel better (since on week 2 I've been having low levels of energy).

I would really like to understand Why on a very low carb diet I experience no symptoms of lactose intolerance.
I appreciate your insights and ideas.
thanks in advance for your help

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