Caffeine Sensitivity Questions.

Hello Everybody I have some questions regarding Caffeine. The following has led me to believe that I have a caffeine sensitivity.

If I have too much Caffeine I have trouble falling asleep at night/trouble sleeping the night without waking up

If I have too much Caffeine I feel off for the day. (an anxious type of feeling)

I can handle a cup of normal Bulletproof Coffee. I just can't have it for consecutive days. The second day my symptoms will appear.

This has led me to drinking Decaffeinated BulletProof MCT and Ghee which I tolerate just fine. I can also handle black or green tea.

Does anyone have information regarding this?

Does anyone know the caffeine content in the following? or how I could go about getting more information?

BulletProof Coffee
Decaf BulletProof Coffee
Matcha Tea
Black Tea

Has anyone tried Matcha? Im thinking of potentially making the switch.



  • You can make any of these drinks bulletproof; they would have the corresponding amount of caffeine.

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