How can I convince my husband that face lift procedures are safe?

Hello guys,
I am a 38 years old woman who is living in Toronto. I am planning to undergo a facelift procedure next month. My face shows the indication of ageing and, starting to fill with wrinkles.
But, I heard Juvederm is painful and, people have fainted during the surgery. Also, they say, there are chances for bruisers and injuries due to the procedure. I am someone who is afraid of needles. I can't endure pain at all. My husband is asking me to forget about the procedure due to the same reason. He is also worried about the quality of the Juvederm treatment offered in Toronto. I try to convince him that the I will be fine and, I will be safe in professional hands. But, I am not been able to convince him. I hope someone here can help me.

Thank you

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