No Fail Fat and RFLP - results pls

Hi... Trawled everything (I think I could find) and battling to find what I am looking for...

I've got somewhere between 10 - 18lbs to lose (not really sure where my end point is) and in disgust at everything (I have water fasted, doen RFLP and BP IF) I downloaded Skye's book and got started (and derailed on day 3) so starting again...

Know that if I eat anything over 30-40g of carbs anyway i start gaining weight back - real nuisance especially as I am fairly active.

So ladies - tell me your success stories - ppl don't seem to be so great at giving results... :-( which is disheartening when one is looking for inspiration...

Seeing as I am about to start, where I am off to - I have 10 - 18lbs to lose (so not that much I know but the bits that have been there the longest) and just want to get shot of it so that I can get going in the direction that I need to.

I will post losses as I go...



  • Update on Day 3... I am about 4lb down already. Today has been the hardest as I needed to do a fairly long bike ride as part of the day - 27km and am now ravenous - the fact that there is a lovely sausage and tomato bake for supper isn't helping (avoiding the tomato part!!!) Drinking around 3.5 to 4 litres of water a day too or I feel like I am burning up.

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