Rapid fat loss protocol

I am going on this protocol again. One year ago I did it and lost 0ver 29 lbs in about 28 days. I always found the leptin reset on about day 6 was discouraging when it showed my weight gain after that day. It is challenging ...but the butter coffee with brain octane got me through.
Is anyone else out there considering this?


  • I've been on the RFLP for two weeks, now. It's actually an interesting study in my personal psychology and determination. I find that the foods I crave aren't carbs. I want to "cheat" with steamed vegetables! I've stuck to the protocol religiously so far. Some days are harder than others and I find that I have mixed emotions about doing the refeed at the end of the week. On one hand, I want to eat solid food. On the other, I know the it will make it difficult mentally to get and stay in ketosis again. If anyone is interested, I will start a daily journal. I have some drafts of the first few weeks, I could share, too.

  • YEAH! I'm not alone. I started this protocol January 19. I have all the recommended vitamins and supplements. I am following the protocol religiously other than some of the points are a little fuzzy. I'm taking my BCAA mixed in coconut oil with some stevia. The mix it with water was gaggy for me. So taking in two tablespoons of coconut oil plus the BP Coffee . . I'm not sure how many total tablespoons of oil/butter combo I should be eating daily. I'm not really physically hungry, I do miss the emotional part of eating. I have my sweet potato and rice ready for my Saturday carb day. I do work in an office, so not any real exercise except walking from the parking garage into my office! I want to drop 40 - 50 lbs in the next 4 months, which seems feasible following this protocol. After 4 days, I have lost 4 pounds. Now, if this isn't just a burst of water weight and it continues, I'll be a happy camper! I'm already healthy and have no health indicators that tell me otherwise, just that having that much weight/fat is in and of itself not healthy.

    Anyone have any admonition regarding amount of fat per day restrictions?

  • Another RFLPer here. I started several weeks back, but I really committed about a week ago. I've done one refeed day (yesterday) and another day with a light (bulletproof) dinner, because my adrenals and thyroid aren't the best. I'm surprised that I feel great. I usually modify protocols, but this time I'm fully committed. BCAA's, L-Glutamine, potassium, magnesium, ADEK, charcoal, the whole thing. The only thing I noticed is that I am not really ready for full-dose lipo glutathione.

    It was neat that the day that I really committed, I just had this feeling that I was eating too much. However, I didn't eat much compared to my historic baseline. I decided to convert from the bulletproof diet to the RFLP, and I'm not hungry, my concentration improved, and my mood is elevated. At this point, I'm kinda surprised that it's working like it's supposed to. I had read around, and people don't seem to stick to it, so I thought it wasn't for me. I'm glad I jumped in, though. When I started I thought I would just do it for a day, but then I kept going. I wonder if part of my issue is chronic food sensitivity to something in my diet, because I feel so good.

    Oh, another thing about the refeed yesterday, I had to make myself eat a second little bowl of rice, and I didn't feel like eating every carb in the world. When I've done standard low carb diets, any little starchy/sweet thing would lead to insane cravings. The scale was barely up this morning.

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