home remedies for gum disease?

Last week I felt some small tooth pieces in the mouth. I could feel the hollow gap in the molar with my tongue. I had to wait until I was back home to meet the dentist. That took another two weeks. But till then I had the fear of losing the entire molar gradually. I felt parts of teeth chipping off while having food. I went back home and met the dentist in Kitchener. He said my gums were in bad shape but before getting the treatment for that, something has to be done with the molar. He filled it with a composite resin filling and told me not to eat any hard food for a couple of days. The treatment for gums was a bit painful especially the scaling part. I even had to take medicines for this. Now when all was going well, I experienced a pain in the upper left molar. I went back to the doctor and he told me the pain was because of the gums on the left side. But haven't already taken medicines for that? Any quick remedies?

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