How to treat ulcer when gum disease?

My toddler hates brushing her teeth. So I decided to help her to brush her teeth. In the beginning she wasn't much happier to be in my company, later on, she got used to it. As it goes by I started to notice there is bleeding from her gums. I contacted my family dentist. So he asked us to come for a visit. I told him regarding her disapproval for brushing teeth in the early stages, then he asks me what all she eats commonly. So I said sweets and chocolates are her favorites. So he told me that it could be the reason for the build of cavities. The food debris and bacteria that build on the teeth can cause plaques, which can lead to gum disease. Can gum disease worsen the ulcer?



  • Poor child. How can sweets and chocolates be a favourites of a toddler. It's quite outrageous, you know and could be the reason of major health conditions. It's better to restrict an access to that as much as possible otherwise you can seriously harm your baby.
    As for the tooth brushing, there's a good alternative which might be extremely helpful to you. Biu a water flosser, it cleans the teath way more safely and way mor effectively. Check this one for example. I've been using it both for my baby and for myself. Works great,

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