Boron and Free Testosterone

I have been supplementing with Boron 7mg/day and probably another 3mg/day from diet for the past 4 months. Raisins are good natural sources, also almonds, dried apricots, prunes. My SHBG dropped from 100 nmol to 73 (limits given as 10-70) and free test went up from 235 pmol to 372 (limits given as 200-600). Read article 'nothing boring about boron' to see why I did this. The article notes that anything under 3mg/day Boron does nothing for androgens management. Boron does plenty of other good stuff to bones, brain, cancer etc. What is a bit strange is the effect on my libido. Initially improved libido and returned morning glorys but this has backed off recently. I have a weak immune system (assume linked to low Vit D, my levels dropped this winter and only just recovering after a few months of colds/flu etc). Once I get my Vit D levels backup and my immune system back to normal I will reassess, but I was expecting better libido with my FT up by 50%?

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