Thoughts on General Practitioners?

I feel like I know what the answer might be, but what are people's thoughts on doctors (i.e. general practitioners)?

I am 27, 6'2", 175 lbs. My doctor has said I have high cholesterol. From what I have learned on here I am not too concerned (look at my numbers and diet though, maybe I should be??), but I think it is a sad state when I need to trust the internet over someone who has spent multiple years in medical school. What do they do in medical school? Where does the brainwashing take place? Is it government funding for med students? Flawed studies influenced by the sugar industry? These are serious questions. I honestly have no idea. My doctor has told me to reduce red meat in my diet.

Any thoughts on my numbers, diet, exercise below?

I know this simple test means little....
Tot. Chol: 296
Triglycerides: 45
HDL: 94
VLDL Chol. Cal: 9
LDL: 193
T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 3.1

General Weekly Diet:
5 lbs. grassfed ground beef. Is this too much??
1 lb. Wild Salmon
KerryGold Butter
EV Olive Oil
Sweet potatoes
White Rice (Probably 100-150 carbs per day if I am training for something)
Typically fast 12-14 hours. Not sure if this is long enough to do anything, but it helps me have better focus in the mornings

Exercise: 1 hour per day. Swimming. Most days are high intensity.


  • I would NEVER EVER go to a General Practioner.


    Most of them cause more harm than good.

    Their "normal" test ranges are not normal for healthy people. Instead, it is the median number for a population that is getting sicker and fatter. So if test show we are normal from 30 years ago, we are not normal today. [email protected]

    I have not gone to the doctor in decades.

    I have not gone to the dentist in decades.

    Playing doctor (along with help from Dave Asprey to Peter Attia to Marc Sisson to Ray Peat) has me in the best shape of my life right now.

    And only under certain circumstances would I go to an emergency room - mostly for painkillers.

    Get this:

    A podcaster went to a conference with a bunch of doctors. He asked what procedures would they take as patients in a hospital. Most said none... including CPR and kidney dialysis. Again, the only thing they would go for is painkillers. I just tried looking for this podcast, but I think it has been deleted. I will keep look for it and update this post if I find it.

  • Any thoughts on my numbers? Or diet?

  • It depends on the composition of your LDL cholesterol. Your LDL number is high which could indicate inflammation or several other things. On the other hand your HDL is kick ass high. Do you have any other lab test results? My main concern would be the LDL particle size and your thyroid function. Do you have cortisol, DHEA and testosterone levels available?

  • Below are some other results. Funny you should ask about my testosterone. I've had a very low sex drive for the past few years and my total testosterone number backs this up. What is the connection between testosterone, thyroid function, and cholesterol??

    Testosterone, Serum 305 ng/dL
    Prolactin 5.3 ng/mL
    TSH 1.270 uIU/mL Is this thyroid?

    Basic Metabolic Panel
    Glucose 75 mg/dL
    BUN 12 mg/dL
    Creatinine 1.30 mg/dL This was indicated as high
    eGFR If NonAfricn Am 75 mL/min
    eGFR If Africn Am 86 mL/min
    BUN/Creatinine Ratio 9
    Sodium 140 mmol/L
    Potassium 4.5 mmol/L
    Chloride 101 mmol/L
    Carbon Dioxide, Total 24 mmol/L
    Calcium 9.4 mg/dL

  • I would recommend cutting out red meat completely. Especially with high cholesterol since red meat like beef is loaded with saturated fat and LDL (bad) cholesterol. That sounds like a recipe for the facilitation of heart disease, which degrades every aspect of a persons health. You should replace the beef with foods high in HDL (good) cholesterol since it actually lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Incorporating avocados and almonds would be a great idea. Keep on swimming, it's great you are doing that, provides a myriad of benefits!

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    ^^^ I would NOT recommend cutting out grass fed red meat... Or red meat in general for that matter.
    Yes, there's some great fish out there, but replacing quality grass-fed red meats with garbage like chicken, turkey, pork, or farmed fish... are you kidding me?!?! Nope :)
    I found your post wondering similar things about traditional views of cholesterol, most of which seemed to have been overthrown already but still persist in the medical world.
    My cholesterol is similar to yours and I too wonder about the link between cholesterol, testosterone, and thyroid. Any wisdom from the biohackers?
    Thanks everyone!

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