Zinc Picolinate to Copper chelate ratio

Basically I have been taking a copper and zinc supplement separately for a long time now but I want to be doubly sure I am taking the specific types of supplement in the optimal and proper dosage.

I take 2mg Swanson chelated copper (1 tablet) with my first meal and 50mg NOW Zinc Picolinate (1 cap) with the evening meal. I take nothing on fast days (twice a week). Given the specific '-ate' type of each mineral what is the proper mg ratio I should be taking for each?


  • There is no "ideal" or "proper" mg ratio. Supplements are great if you don't mix them with other types of food.
    What does this mean? Often, certain types of food like Carbohydrates will perturb the absorption of vitamins (Copper and Zinc). If you mix carbs with any supplements, I don't think 50% of vitamins will assimilate at all. This thing is also true for Fruits (apples, prunes, oranges, etc.). I'm saying all of these things after testing and studying Nutrition on my own.
    Solution: It would be nice to take the supplements before any meal in the quantity recommended (by doctor, nutritionist, or package). In this way, your small intestine will be able to assimilate the vitamins.
    And don't mix them with fruits! Fruits ferment in the intestines after 15 minutes because of heat and humidity. So it's useless to take supplements with fruits.
    I hope this things help.

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