Migraines and interrupted sleep

It wasn't a long back when I was told to use a CPAP machine for my chronic migraine. I used to take afternoon naps during shifts in my work. But soon I started developing a headache. It made me too slow at work. I couldn't concentrate on work which made me slow and I almost had myself fired from the job. I went to see a doctor for a migraine. He told to start a CPAP therapy for a couple of weeks just to see how it works out. It went well, after which I started to get good sleep and skipped afternoon naps. This mad a huge difference in the pain. But the migraine didn't go away completely. Should I continue using CPAP at night?


  • Hi, i also have terrible migraines intermittently and I've been trying all sorts of remedy to help me with it. My doctor recommended I try d'oxyva which aims to improve blood microcirculation. I gave it a try since at that time, they offered a free 30-day trial.I felt a little alleviation during some episodes, so when my free trial was up, I decided to order. It really helps me now! I wish I could use it for maintenance but it's quite pricey when you have the therapy on a daily basis. So I use it when I have an aura. It would really be great if I could have the therapy daily but oh well. Maybe this could help you? I hope it will. Happy new year!

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