Please help me to choose a good skin tightening device

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I look older than my age. There are wrinkles all over my body, especially on my face and arms that are the most visible part of a human body. I am someone who is very cautious about how I look. So, I was considering plastic surgery to get rid of the sagging skin. Then I saw an ad on TV about skin tightening devices. When I researched about them, I got to know that skin tightening devices are far better than cosmetic surgeries considering how effective they are and, their risk-free nature. But, there are different types of skin tightening devices are available in the market. I am confused about which one to choose. For example, There are skin tightening devices that are based on radio frequency, ultrasound, and micro-needling. I am finding it hard to understand what are the differences between each device and which one will be better for someone like me. Can someone please help me to decide on a few skin tightening devices for my need?


  • Hello! I think it is great that you are considering all sorts of alternatives to plastic surgery. I just published a video on top selling anti-aging devices. Some are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine that you may want to consider. In particular, I highlight one called NuFace Trinity that uses microcurrents. If used regularly many have seen a difference. What is nice about this option is that it is something you can do at home, easy to use, does not hurt and does not require surgery. Check out the video to learn more about the options.

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    The plastic surgery is a way to go. And before using the devices you mentioned you should at least consult the doctor. I'd suggest Dr Zacharia Double Bay. He is a true professional and always open to help people.

  • Yes creams may give you a little lift but Derma-rolling may achieve better results.

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