Ultimate 4 day fast?

I've been doing 16-48 hour fasts every now and then the last couple years. I'm looking to do a longer fast soon, I'm thinking 4 days, and i want to optimize it as well as I can. mostly by starting and ending it with the right foods/liquids. I'm looking mostly for health benefits, but fat loss as well.

Here's what i'm thinking:
Day 1, either only veggie juice or bone broth, lemon water, etc.. or maybe both? I'm thinking this for the cleansing benefits, to start it with no solid foods, but awesome nutrients. still some fasting benefits and a caloric deficit
Day 2, dry fast, no water no food, no anything
Day 3, possibly another dry fast day, depending on how i'm feeling.
Day 4, start to reintroduce water, possibly tea?
Day 5, breaking the fast, water and bone broth in the morning(possibly with some added fats?), wait a couple hours, more bone broth and completely raw uncooked/flavored veggies. then from there just try to keep it bland but very nutrient dense foods. more juicing?

After talking with somebody who's done longer fasts, he really got me into how important it is to start and end the fast the right way, not just for the health reasons and to avoid bloating etc. but also as a good reset of your taste and cravings.

How's that plan sound? anything I should change?


  • My first diet: 238 lbs. down to 193 lbs. in 93 days.....ignore headaches, hunger pangs, criticism. Just do it.

    Wake up, bathroom routine THEN weigh yourself starkers. Record it. Enter your weight every single morning...no exceptions. Ignore past entries, don't try to rationalize the diet versus the recordings.

    Diet: Do not stick anything in your mouth daily other than coffee, & sugar is OK. DO NOT eat ANYTHING all day. At 7PM sharp, every day, eat anything and all you want. Yes, all you want! You see; In 5 or 6 days your stomach will shrink considerably so all you want will be less each day. YES...one meal a day!

    It will be difficult hunger pangs-wise but stick it out and after a few days they will go away. The first 10 days you will not lose much...you might even gain a little for a day or two. Your body is trying to hold onto the fat. Since there is not much fat coming in it starts retaining water. At about 10 days you will suddenly start urinating a lot...That means the weight loss has begun. If you stick to this 24 hour fast you will average 1/3 lb loss a day the first month.

    I weighed 238 lbs. so I was losing 1/2 lb. daily on average.

    Now, the BIG QUESTION...do you want to hear more now that I am in my 80th year? By the way, a 24 hour fast is nothing. Fasting is historically one of the best things you can do for your health. Most of these "health" diet comment boards are supposedly monitored by a doctor so they delete my story...you see: these boards eventually lead you into BUYING something and they sure don't want my diet on their board. I am [email protected] with time on my hands...please e-mail me and invite me back to your board (is that how it is done?)...laughter...NOOOOO, I am not selling anything

  • My first post here described how I lost a huge amount of weight. It was a dilemma. I lost 45 lbs. and got down to the 193 lbs. I weighed upon my discharge from the US Navy in (1961). What I would like to do is tell you some of the things I have learned about food in a general sort of way like "Don't eat the crayons" (or soap) and vitamins (99% are worthless) I forget the one or two that MIGHT help you. Not here to sell anything....laughter. What I would like is a little approbation...a thumbs up would be appreciated, support feels good.

    Never trust the FDA....they are there essentially to help companies sell their products. The FDA has approved 100's of additives to your food that are very harmful as well as approving outright poisons (like sugar substitutes) as well. Have you caught onto this?
    Just WHY do I need dye in my food?
    You must read the labels on EVERYTHING you buy and even then you are often not getting the truth.

    The food companies want you to BUY their food so they enhance its looks, taste, color, shelf life, smell, packaging. Believe me EVERY..aspect..is..tampered..with!

    Want to hear more?


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