Vegan food wanted in Toronto

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I am looking for a small hotel in Toronto that specializes in vegan food. My father is a vegan, who is not open to compromises. I was hoping to bring him here so that he could consult with the best ophthalmologists available in Toronto. He is in his early 60's and now suffering from a gradual loss of vision, and it is now affecting his day to day routine. I am not a professional in this field, but with my extensive research, I figured out that the probable cause of vision loss, at least at this age could be due to cataract, and I am hoping to get the bottom of this with the consultation. I am not a vegan myself, and I eat a lot of meat and hence he does not like to live with me, nor is he interested to enjoy food, cooked in my kitchen. Hence I am looking for a strictly vegan restaurant, for his daily meals. He is a self-reliant man, and he doesn't like to take help, not even from me. Due to his poor eye site, cooking has become a serious problem and due to his adamancy, I am facing a big dilemma. Even though I do not cook great, my cooking is fairly edible, but it seems, he is not interested. Furthermore, he likes to eat a lot of salads than the actual meal. He will come next week, so guys can you help. Thanks. "


  • Hey Amy, I'd recommend he tries a vegan keto version of his diet. Kind and Keto is a vegan keto blog that has a good diet program focused on weight loss but it would be good for your fathers eye sight as well. They haveAlso Dr Edward Kondrat has a good ebook "10 essentials to healing your eye sight" All his info is really great.

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