Who benefits from ERV(Energy Recovery Ventilation)?

Smog and indoor pollutants often affect our lives and ERV is your best choice as it can improve air quality and living standards. Let’s see who may benefit from ERV!

1.People who use air conditioner and heating for a long time

People usually have windows and doors closed when using air conditioner or heating. The indoor air gradually becomes stale and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and if people stay indoors for a long time, they may go red, get sore throat and even vomit in more serious cases.

ERV can regularly purify indoor air in real time, and prevent bacteria generated during heating process, which is inimical to human body.

2.People who live in house under new construction less than five years

Formaldehyde in over 99 % of houses under new construction exceeds required standard from two to seven folds. Many owners may suppose these houses are liveable after three-month full ventilation by opening windows. In fact, high concentration of formaldehyde still volatilizes for three to five year after new construction, and the harmful chemical still exists even after fifteen years of construction.

ERV system can exchange air all the time and therefore rapidly lower the concentration of formaldehyde to the required, safe standard.

3.People with nasitis, asthma and shortness of breath

Most breathing-related diseases are incurred by allergens and the situation get worse as people have to stay in stale-air environment for over twelve to fourteen hours a day. ERV can guarantee clean indoor air and prevent occupants from allergens in the air.

4.People afraid of noise

Nowadays people often choose to close windows for fear of disturbing noise. As windows keep closed, air become stale and people may feel more uncomfortable.

ERV can replace conditioned indoor air with fresh outdoor air. As there is no need for opening windows after ERV installation, owners do not have to worry about noise pollution.


Fill-time housewives are exposed to more pollutants including oily fume, off-flavor, volatile organic compounds, etc. as they stay at home for a longer time.In areas of dry climate, furniture is often stained with dust as the air contains more large particles. If the husband can buy one ERV, the wife does not bother to clean dust or worry about air quality. What a perfect choice!

6.The elderly and the young

In smoky weather, the elderly with asthma or cardiovascular disease are more likely to have relapses and may develop heart attack and cerebral infarction in serious cases.

In terms of kids under eight, they have fewer alveoli (small sacs in the lungs), narrower air passage ways and fewer nasal hairs, and all of these makes them more vulnerable to respiratory duct infection. According to research, the new-born baby has only 25 million alveoli (that of adult is 480 million ) and 80 pieces of PM 2.5 can block (kill) one alveolus. Therefore parents should take heed of indoor air quality for the sake of their children.

A friendly reminder:

If you are worried about temperature difference caused by opening windows in summer or winter, then Solveair heat exchange ERV is your best choice. The system automatically exchanges indoor and outdoor air and maintain room temperature to provide more comfort.

Article from http://www.solveairpurifier.com

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