What Is Charcoal Bagging Packaging Machine ?

SGJ-ZDA Automatic Jumbo bag packing Machine Unit Is Self-Developed By SG Packing Automation To Meet Customized Packing Needs For Charcoal Products. The Machine Unit Can Realize Automatic Bag Feeding, Bag Opening, Charcoal Weighing, Filling, Conveying & Sewing. Automatic Charcoal Packing Machine Shall Focus On 1 - 10kg Regular Round Shape Charcoal Products Automatic Bagging Packing, Not Suitable For Iiregular Type Charcoal Products.


  ◆ Siemens PLC Control & Touch Screen Operating

  ◆ SS304 Stainless Steel Machine Fram

  ◆ Mettler Toledo Load Cell Weighing Control

  ◆ 500 - 800 BPM Fast Bagging Speed

  ◆ Imported Famous Electrical Spare Parts Ensuring Stable Performance

  ◆ Human-Friendly Interface, Easy To Handle & Operate

Transportation & After-Service:

                            ◆ All The Machine Shall Be Packed In Export Wooden Box;

                            ◆ Engineers Are Available To Do Service Abroad;

                            ◆ Training & Technical Instucting Lessons Shall Be Provide During Installation;

                            ◆ Video Instruction Installation Is Also Available;

                            ◆ One Year Warranty Is Provided For Customers.  
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