How to hack sleepwalking

dear bulletproof community :)
my sister mentioned that she sleepwalkes allot. Walking around while she is assleep and opening other dors and talking to people not remembering anything the next day.
The first Thing that I reccomended is 1 mg Melatonin and the following Magnesium forms L-Threonate Magtein, Malate, Glycinate and Pico Ionic Chloride (Remag) and Holosync Brainwave Meditation before sleep. That should pretty much give her deep sleep. she is 30 and recenty went bulletprood with cycling in and out keto.
I appreaciate your thouhts on it :)


  • Is your sister under stress now? Sleepwalking can be one of its consequences. I'm not sure that you need to use the pills right away. Try to apply CBD oil for some time. You can survey this site to learn more about the properties of natural oil. I think this will help you.

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