The most popular bad habit

The most popular bad habit is a smoking. An addiction from cigarettes will harm your body and shorten your life. Your usual life will never be healthy if you don't give up smoking. So I leave here article about smoking:

The respiratory system takes on the very first punch of tobacco poisons. The dense particles of soot and everything that tobacco smoke contains, irritate the mucous membrane of the larynx, trachea, bronchi, smallest bronchioles and pulmonary bubbles - the alveoli. As a result, exposure to tobacco poisons develops chronic inflammation of air passages. Smokers often suffer from bronchitis, and they are constantly tormented by a cough, especially growing in the morning.
A cough is accompanied by copious expectoration of dirty gray sputum. The constant irritation of the vocal cords, which is common among smokers, makes their voice rough, hoarse, and unpleasant. That, in turn, can become a barrier to professional activity (e.g. singers, teachers).
In one year, the lungs of a smoker take about 800 grams of tobacco tar. Therefore, smoker's lungs become darker than the lungs ...

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