Effectiveness of airestech emf protection products

_I work with a neurofeedback practitioner who regularly uses a QEEG brain mapping device in helping to gather as much useful data as possible about patients.

He just sent me an email about these products from airestech.com that use basically a card (circuitboard) with fractal microprocessors built into it that, if kept on your person (or less than about 1m away from you), can resynchronize incoming harmful EMR to the natural resonance of your body. So it doesn't block any EMR physically, therefore it doesn't impair the functioning on any of these devices or fields. It just resyncs it to your human body's natural field. And it is the size of a credit card, keep it in your pocket and you're protected from harmful EMF/EMR.

Sounds like the utopian solution to harmful EMF basically dousing the entire planet... but it seems more like science fiction that science fact upon first glance. I have severe doubts that we understand our electromagnetic biology enough to know how to resync incoming harmful fields to our body's natural field; or enough about fractal technology to so dominantly achieve such an affect.

But then I saw the image my neurofeedback friend included with the email of tests he has done with the QEEG device on several patients and the tests show overwhelming precision and accuracy in support of the effectiveness of the Aires devices. I will include one image of a patient baseline QEEG, QEEG while holding a cellphone touching their right ear while connected in an active phone call, then a third QEEG with the same cellphone setup but an aires defender infinity also in the patients pocket.

It is overwhelmingly apparent that the cellphone caused a significantly observable disruption in brain function. Comparing that back with the baseline and the test with shield and cellphone, the shield seems to be showing an almost 99% rate of effectiveness.

I contacted the neurofeedback practitioner and he elaborated that he has performed the same experiment on 3 more patients who all showed similar results with an almost 99% reduction of the harmful effects caused by the emf off the cell phone (inches from the head during an active phone call).

This got me to start paying a lot more attention. I've never seen a device on the market that seems to work anything like this. The solution seems too perfect to not be science fiction but then I have actual repeatable evidence of the effectiveness. And if you go to the airestech.com website then you will see their work is even backed by peer reviewed studies (which isn't a gold standard but still a good sign).

What I found most astounding is they are moving into a second generation of products for 2019 with even more powerful processors increasing the effective range of protection and likely the effectiveness at closer ranges but I can't find a single mention of the company or any of their products anywhere on bulletproof.

I have a DefenderPad that Dave endorsed in a couple podcasts and even included in one of the biohacking boxes, but these Aeris microprocessor defenders are in a completely different ball park. They seem to be holistically solving the problem within the entire system of the human body (the problem are disruptive EMFs that is, not solving all systemic problems in the body; just for clarification).

So that's my story of this crazy new technology I found. Everything relevant I know about it, and I just want to know if anyone else knows anything, has anymore information regarding the veracity of the product claims, why Dave hasn't talked about it and how we can get the founders of this technology on Bulletproof Radio so the masses can hear about it and find an extremely viable long term solution to the EMF problem that is growing at an alarmingly exponential rate (assuming the product is legit; if anyone wants to suggest more experiments we would run or other methods of vetting this product I am interested in investing my time that way). The one thing that seemed a little suspect on their website was saying you can only test the effectiveness of the product indirectly by measuring how much it affects biological disruption from EMF on an individual and that equipment isn't affordable for the average consumer. Fortunately we have this equipment and are able to do these tests with the QEEG. The fact that our own results mimic'd the claimed results is nothing short of miraculous. So again, if anyone has other suggestions for how me might further test this, please comment and we will happily share the results.



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