Vaginal Soreness lifehacks?

Hey sexperts of Longecity we're are newlyweds and having a lot of sex, often daily or a few times daily and it's resulting in some vaginal soreness.

We've switched from the crappy grocery store lube to water based stuff from the pharmacy that was recommended by my wife's OBGYN and it's improved sex some but she's often still sore. We don't intend to have less sex so what are the lifehacks for avoiding or alleviating vaginal soreness?

She's not eating like a ton of raw kale or spinach so I don't think it's the issue with Oxalic crystals in her hoohaa.




  • I think that not only you have such situation, probably a lot of newlyweds suffer from such issues. The only recommendation that I can give you is to use some special lubricants and drugs in order to make the whole process more comfortable for your wife and reduce pain. You can read more at special blogs or online sex shop websites and purchase few examples for the test.

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