TMAO vs carnitine + choline?

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I've read that vegans tend to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease, or at least less TMAO production which associated with being pro-atherogenic. This low-TMAO biometric found in vegans is thought to be a result of a diet that's low in choline + carnitine, which modifies the gut microbiome away from TMAO-producing species. There's a saying that all disease begins in the gut.

While practicing IF and eating a bulletproof diet, I've been thinking about taking choline + carnitine during my fasting period for the boost in energy / focus. I'm curious if this creates the opposite scenario as the vegan diet, where my gut bacteria have nothing to metabolize but this choline-rich carnitine-rich substrate, which might not be ideal for heart health.

What do you guys think?

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