Chronic headache and fatigue; not finding any relief

This is regarding my husband's condition; he's had a severe chronic headache and total fatigue it for the past 2 years with almost no change.
Here's quick stats on him:
Age: 28

Weight: 151

Height: 5'11

He woke up one morning with a severe headache and total fatigue. It has been almost 2 years now and there's been almost no changes.
We've done tons of blood work, GI tests, etc...In the process, we discovered he had very high autoimmune markers, anemia, Crohn's, and some other high inflammation. We have successfully removed lowered the inflammation and autoimmune markers to completely normal levels (through autoimmune protocol diet, sauna treatment, charcoal, etc...)
However, nothing has changed the chronic severe head pain and fatigue.
He's gone to multiple DDs, ENTs, neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc...All of them note severe inflammation in the sinus but no congestion indicating an infection.
His fatigue is also constant and unresponsive.

We have done just about every single therapy attempt for these symptoms including sleep hygiene, exercise, removing estrogenics, grass fed meats, organic fruits and veggies, iron supplements, multiple vitamins and minerals.

Our next attempt has been to attempt heavy metals detox. He is incredibly reactive to any detox methods, including diatomaceous earth, milk thistle, castor oil packs, etc...There seems to be some big liver stuff going on, but at this point, we are totally at a loss.
We will be seeing a biological dentist next week for amalgam removal.

If anyone can help out by providing additional thoughts, or info, I would be so grateful. It's been 2 years, he hasn't been able to work or even leave the house most days.

(We've also spend over $30,000 on treatments during this time...!)


  • Hi dear Hrm_90.
    I see you have some serious things to manage. I really sympathize with you.
    Whether you think my Advices will be in Help for you and your Husband, please Join me in our web site HEALTH IS FORTUNE.

    For Detoxing I found Red Tea and some of my family already tested it, and worked well for them. Give it a try, if you would like - CLICK HERE.

    I hope for the best also for you and your Husband.

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