Weird symptoms (feel of fluid moving internally) - Looking for Advice

It started a bit over a year ago when I felt pain around my left groin area in the middle of the night and pissed the bed (clear liquid). For the next 2-3 weeks, it felt like there was fluid moving internally from my groin area to my upper legs (almost as if I was peeing down my leg). A few weeks later i developed a varicocele on my right side. Ever since the initial incident I have felt what feels like fluid moving around my stomach area especially when I'm sleeping or switch from one side to another. I got shingles on my lower left side and back a few months ago (happened after sleeping on my left side). I have had back pain almost every night for the last 2 months after 6-7 hours of sleep and I sleep on my back since if I sleep on my side fluid moves around (though if I sleep with my head elevated I don't feel back pain). A few weeks ago I developed vertigo which lasted for a week and the doctor diagnosed as BPPV which got better after doing an Epley maneuver but I still feel a little off balance lately. Also, after doing the epley maneuver for BPPV I felt fluid moving around my head (especially on the right side where the BPPV was) which freaked me out.

other symptoms:
burping often
stomach makes weird noises at night
feel like my testicles have shrunk a bit
dribbling after peeing
had retractile left testicle before this started

I have had ultrasounds done of my stomach/inguinal area/scrotum and doctors don't see anything unusual on there. My blood tests are normal. Back x-ray was negative. I'm getting head & neck exams in the following few weeks if the fluid sensation & vertigo in my head doesn't go away. Anyone have any ideas what this can be? Any recommendations in terms of blood/imaging/other tests to do? Maybe there's a better place to ask these questions?

about me: early 30's (following bulletproof for 5+ years)

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