Anxiety: What Nootropic to stack with this combo?

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Combo: Piracetam 800mg + Caffeine (from coffee) + Theanine 200mg + ashwagandha 550mg.

I have always suffered from anxiety, it enhanced while I take even only caffeine and nicotine, but it was always supportable. If I take caffeine + theanine I just run fine! now I am using Piracetam for two weeks twice a day and I am getting a more severe Anxiety attack for about 15-20min every day. and it's happening just one time a day, usually after launch. the anxiety is increased a bit more especially when I added Ashwagandha, but it also there when I am using just Piracetam+Caffeine+Theanine. the anxiety starts after 3-5 hours after taking the combo and stay for 15-20 minutes and then it is reduced forever (for same day). I notice that real Sex or masturbation kills every anxiety I have, but I am not able to do it every time I am anxious.

Actually! Piracetam is the only Nootropic that is changing the way I work giving me the focus and motivation I need, after months of struggling, lack of motivation, and depression. I really need to keep it in my Combo. is there something that can alleviate those attacks in your experience? I am thinking to add 5-THP or L-tyrosine or Gaba.

Edit: Smoking cigarettes get my anxiety worse. And why Ashwagandha gives me a lot of energy and happiness for a bit of time and doesn't able to lower my anxiety? I have a hiatus hernia and I am on Ranitidine 150mg twice a day, any little pain on my stomach automatically increase my fear and anxiety.


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