Weighted Blanket

After noticing my obsession with getting a good nights sleep (blacked out room, red lights, sleep mat, wifi off, cold showers, heart math, sleep cycle app) my parents for Christmas gave me a 20lb weighted blanket. I had heard of them used in treatment for people with Autism and other therapies, but never in the context of sleep. After using it every night since Christmas I can safely say that it has been a game changer ; ) for me. I find it very comforting and I am sleeping deeper than ever. Another added bonus is that I am sleeping on my back for the first time in my life. Usually, I can't fall asleep on my back and if I do really try, I find that I have turned over in my sleep. I guess the thing weighs so much that it locks my body in all night. No more tossing and turning, no more arm falling asleep and waking me up. I highly recomend it! Does anyone else have experience with one?


  • The downside for me was the impossibility to wake up and get up.

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  • Here is some tip to you to have a great sleep that I used and now always enjoy my sleeping, and get up with a fully strong body.
    1. make sure that you don't use any electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed
    2. Drink a small glass of warm milk
    3. massage your face and head
    4. Do not think too much, leave it for tomorrow morning, it would be more effective at this time.
    5. Have a healthy diet, really important
    6. Clean your bedroom, sometimes you should change the stuff in your bedroom, or buy some new one just to refresh your feeling, it also helps a lot. If you want to have some, I highly recommend this store: Manta Sleep
    They offer many thing that will be great for your sleep.
    Website: mantasleep.com

  • love weighted blanket, weed helps me sleep all the time. Don't like to take too much because I heard it may interfere with dreaming but just a little, total darkeness and silence and a weighted blanket.

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