Effects of cpap masks

My boyfriend snores and it's making me insane. I as of now use earplugs which enables a bit yet I wake up. I'm the lightest sleeper ever. I require impeccable quietness. I'll wake him up and request that him to go on his side, which he does, and it makes him stop yet despite everything. I'm awakening no less than 3 times each night. Among the mid-year, the AC divider unit appeared to help and he wouldn't snores, however since we've quit utilizing it, it appears he has returned to snoring a great deal. I should rest in the extra room a couple of evenings however that makes me sad!
One of my friends suggested about the cpap masks from Canada. He got this information from the internet. But we are a bit confused about using it. Will it affect the respiratory organs? Will it affect the lungs capacity, if artificial masks are using? Has it got any side effects? Please share your thoughts. Thank You!

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