Ways to Increase Autophagy daily?

I heard about autophagy weeks ago. I did some research and the major ways to increase autophagy is by long fasting (48h+ without eating) or keto diet.

I'm currently fasting 16h/day, and some studies shown that after 13h of fasting, the body starts the process of autophagy in a low carb diet, but other studies found that only after 36h hours without a focused diet.

Once I cant change my diet right now, I'm looking for other ways to stimulate the autophagy on a daily basis. I also found that HIIT can also be beneficial to estimulate this process because autophagy is started when our bodies are in stress mode. Said that, maybe cold showers can be autophagy factor too?

I dont know, whats yours thoughts about the subject? There's other ways you know to Increase Autophagy in a daily basis?

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