Details of Pengcheng PCES-1250W 2 person electric height adjustable table

Pengcheng furniture PCES-1250W electric height adjustable desk is perfect for use in your office space so you can work comfortably. It is equipped with four motors to control the adjustment so you can alternate between sitting or standing at any time, helping to reduce bad posture and neck and shoulder pressure.

Ergonomic electric height-adjustable model sitting desk with height adjuster consisting of four motors;
This desk uses power to make the desktop up and down easier and faster;
Powered by a linear actuator to raise the table to the desired height;
Actuators are available in the weight range and in some cases each table can be lifted by more than 120 kg.

This is where the height-adjustable desktop comes into play. Imagine being able to do your job instead of sitting while improving your health.

Item No. PCES-1250W
Input 100V-240V
Lift system Electric Height Adjustable with 4 Motors
Column Stages/type 3 stages with Rectangle Tube Column(customized)
Frame Height frame 24.6"-49.2"/625-1250mm
Framw Width frame 43.3"-66.9"/1100-1700mm
Lifting Speed 1.4"/s or 35mm/s
Lifting Capacity 265lbs/120kgs
Color Grey.White.Black(customized)
Materail Sleek powder coated steel
Noise <50dB

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