Body by Science + Vibration Plate

Background: I recently developed the habit of exercising every day (one-day weights / one day HIIT) and improved my fitness over a period of 5-6 months. I recently came across the bulletproof recommendation for the body-by-science approach and full body vibration. Given the potential time benefits suggested, I am beginning this regimen to see if it is effective.


  • Body-by-science suggests working out under their approach once every 7 days. This is clear. The suggestions by Dave for full-body vibration recommend daily use. Does this conflict with the no workout approach?
  • Is it acceptable to simply stand on the vibration plate and work up on time? At the gym, it was recommended that I perform exercises or stretches on the vibration plate for 1 minute at a maximum with breaks.
  • Many vibration plate training regimens suggest workouts involving push-ups, squats, dips, etc. Is it OK to mix this in if I am also doing the body-by-science workout every 7 days?

I am concerned about losing muscle mass as I am looking to build size. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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    If your referring to body by science as the maximum intensity slow rep, non stop workout done using machines/cables/ or preferably arx machine, yes, only once in 7 days period. I supposed you could do vibrating stretches on your 6 rest days, but no working out. If I remember correctly you are supposed to add in some other HIIT like once a week or maybe bi-weekly, I can't remember now, but I think its low weight, like sprints, jumps, kettlebells swings etc. But I would NOT do any kind of Plyometrics on the vibrating plate if you are doing the body by science route.

    Although you could alternate weeks as well. After your 6 days of rest do a completely different workout for the next 7 days and then switch back to Body by science again. You really really really do want a lot of rest after those workouts if you do too much you'll just tear your body down to fast before it can heal.

    I've been doing a variation of this for 9 weeks now with great results. Strength keeps going up, after I've been in a plateau the last six months traditional workouts.

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