Pengcheng electric sit stand desk provides healthy ergonomic solution for every user

Pengcheng furniture believes that more and more ergonomics believe that "your next height is your best height." Pengcheng offers different control panel options, but never displays a height and has a digital panel with memory settings options. This is inconsistent with the idea that "Your next height is your best height" and adds unnecessary costs. Our desk can complement your body and tailor it to your specific needs.

The Pengcheng electric sitting/standing desk allows you to change the working position with the push of a button.

Pengcheng is an environmentally friendly company whose subcontractors are held according to their local standards. We avoid using most hazardous substances in our products.

Pengcheng's philosophy is to keep it simple and make a reasonably priced electric height adjustable table that everyone can use. They should be easy to assemble and operate and difficult to implement.

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