Neurotoxins Detox

[I tried searching for neurotoxins thread but I can't seem to find any, however, if there's already a discussion please let me know.]

I have been living in a polluted city next to a building construction for over 2 years, whereof several months was in an apartment with mold. Prior to this, I have been completely healthy. Now, for the past 2 years, I have started developing neurological problems, such as, pain behind the eyes, sensitivity to glare (monitors, smartphones, etc.), chronic tinnitus, a pressure in the ears that keeps changing, and a stiff neck. I have done all the extensive testing you could think of from head to toe, meaning blood work, checking lungs and heart up to the brain which includes MRI scans, EEG, EMG, etc. So far the doctors have found absolutely nothing to go on.

I, therefore, suspect that this might be a cause of neurotoxins. One doctor even suggested this but, however, he did not tell me further how I can test for it, nor how I can treat it. After listening to many different episodes of Bulletproof radio on neurotoxins, I'm a bit confused on how I shall approach this. I would be extremely appreciative if someone helps me make a short list of things to do to exclude or identify neurotoxicity.

  1. Is there a reliable test that can find all sorts of neurotoxins, such as, heavy metals, toxic mold, etc.?
  2. If there is no such reliable test, how can I detox myself from all of it? I guess its good to do it either way.

For the past 6 months I've been living in a cleaner place, so apparently, hair analysis will only show toxins for the past 6 months(?).

Currently, now, I am following a ketogenic diet which I hope will yield some results but I'm not sure if it will completely detox the brain on itself. I would, therefore, like to take every edge I can to speed up my recovery. This means tests supplements, exercises, and anything.

Thank you so much.

PS. I wish I had more computer time to research myself but monitors hurt my eyes severely and make my vision blurry.

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