Aldi Grass Fed Beef

Claims to be Organic and 100% grass fed. Any one know if this stuff is legit?


  • If it is labeled 100% grass-fed, then it is 100% grass-fed. There are strict guidelines in place regarding labeling. The same applies to organic labeling. That's according to Dave and at least one of his guests, I forget who.

  • Tom7Tom7

    What is grass feed? A rancher may lease permission from BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to graze his cattle on a tract of land. What your trying to do is get to a paleo type of thing, that is wild game. You can even get unlimited free wild game, if you do not mind pork or feral hogs. Because there is a feral hog problem you can hunt as many as you like. So go get one, you will have to kill it and take it to a butcher. You will also need to get a freezer as you will be storing a whole animal. The meat taste quite different, this taste is referred to as "gamey". Hogs can carry trichinosis so you must properly cook it. You can also hunt elk and deer. You should be aware of this disease.

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